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Answers to some frequently asked questions.



Do your agents work in real estate full time?
Yes. We have full time professional associates who spend up to 60 & 80 hours weekly on real estate. It's not a job, it is a life and we enjoy it.

If necessary, how can I contact anyone immediately?
We have cellular phones & telephone answering service.

Do you specialize in any type of property or in any area?
No, We do not. Specialization cannot benefit a home seller or a home buyer. With technology and ambition, it is easy for us to cover an entire spectrum, over a wide area in New York and New Jersey.

The question of specialization can be most important to home buyers moving here from another area. In some other real estate markets, it is popular to use different agents for different areas or towns. But using more than one real estate agent in this area will be inefficient as well as frustrating, and could lead a buyer to buy the wrong home and pay too high a price.


What are your agents' qualifications?
We have highly trained and qualified agents who have a deeper degree of dedication to real estate than the average sales agent. Our broker's license requires more education, additional testing, and greater experience. Our Broker is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designee and Graduate of Realtor Institute (GRI) Designee. Less than 5% of all real estate agents hold a CRS designation. These are top credentials in Real Estate.

Did you win any sales awards recently?
Our broker has been honored with numerous awards over the years for top sales, service & performance consistently. This substantiates our experience claim.

What professional training have your agents taken, if any?
In addition to Graduate of Realtor Institute (GRI) and Residential Sales Council (CRS) training that are most important, there are many other training courses taken in such areas as Legal Updates, Ethics, Risk Management and Corporate Relocation to name a few. Subjects on finance, construction, buying & selling, hazardous materials & litigation.

Can you supply names of references?
Yes, on request.





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